Proportion of flats under Married Child Priority Scheme cannot be increased, says MND

The Government allocates a substantial volume of apartments– as high as one over three in regard to new apartments among matured estates– for the Married Child Priority Scheme, pointed out the Ministry of National Development in Parliament on Tue 27Jul.

The ministry is aware of the importance in regard to supporting the needs in regard to married youngsters and father and mothers that yearn to reside with or near to each other for dependent care and assistance.

” Married Child Priority Scheme grants key concern to households buying all-new HDB apartments to live with or close-by their father and mothers or wedded children. Within the MCPS, 30percent in regard to the latest apartment inventory in the matured neighbourhood is allocated for first-timer family groups. For second-timer family groups, it is 3percentage,” it stated.

In addition to Married Child Priority Scheme, the Government has actually equally established alternative systems targeted at aiding respective treatment and also back up among family members. Such involve the MGPS, SPS and 3Gen flats.

” Within our tight flat supply, we additionally have to comply with the property wishes coming from different categories of SGPreans, involving first-timer families with children via the Parenthood Priority Scheme, as well as families having three or even more youngsters using the TCPS,” revealed Ministry of National Development.

Parc Clematis condominium

” Hence, we will be unfit to escalate the fraction of flats reserved under the Married Child Priority Scheme at this instant.”

With this, the ministry directed apartment shoppers who prefer to reside with or alongside their youngsters or parents to look into purchasing a resale flat, and even use the Proximity Housing Grant of around $Thirty thousand.

The ministry made the sentence in respond to MP Tin Pei Ling’s concern on whether or not the proportion out of apartments underneath MCPS can be enhanced for Build-To-Order properties in developed neighbourhood.

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