Lentor Central, Tampines Street 62 Sites Launched For Tender

The URA as well as the Housing and Development Board on Thursday 15April kicked off 2 grounds at Lentor Central as well as Tamp Street 62 (Parcel A) for bidding.

Commenced to sell under the verified inventory in the very first half ’21 Government Land Sales Programme, the 2 lands possessed a Ninety-nine yrs lease period. With each other, they can generate more or less 1.195k housing units.

Parc Clematis floor plan

Zoned for domestic with industrial at first level convenience, the plot at Lentor Central has a surface area of almost 17,280 square m including a highest gross floor area of 60,480 square m. The max property elevation for the location is Thirty Five m SHD in the low-rise zone, and 107 metres SHD in the high-rise zone. It could possibly yield almost 605 apartments.

Huttons Asia counts on the ground to bring in greater than 10 prospective buyers, with the best bid varying from $1,000 to $1.05K psf per plot ratio.

It defined the site as “possibly the top ground under the first half ’21 Government Land Sales program”.

” There will most likely be suppressed interest as the previous commence in the region was The Calrose in ’05,” it reported. “The commercial piece will bring much wished amenities to the area along with potential progressions.”

The Tamp Street Sixty-two ground, otherwise, possesses a surface area of 23thousand 799 square m along with a top GFA of 59,498 square m. Zoned for residential convenience, the plot has an optimum constructing elevation of 63 to Sixty Four m Singapore height datum. It could generate roughly Five hundred ninety EC apartments.

Huttons Asia’s counts on the plot to captivate around 10 prospective buyers, with the best quote running from $550 to $Six hundred psf per plot ratio.

” The EC ground at Tamp Street Sixty-two rests in a matured neighbourhood. Tamp had relatively an amount of BTO debut in the past couple of yrs as well as there is a large pot of prospective upgraders aiming to enhance to an executive condominium,” it shared.

” The impressive commence of Parc Central Residences develop testament to the pool of demand.”

The bidding for both sites wraps up on 22July.

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