Semi-Detached House Near Orchard Road Up For Sale For $7.84mil

One of the 2 floors semi-D house on 61 Jalan Kelawar is now extended in the market by bid, by having offers foreseed to float at approximately $7.84 million or $2,500 for every square foot, announced sole promotion professional Knight Frank.

Parc Clematis – Jalan Lempeng price

Experiencing a 9m frontal along Jalan Kelawar, the unlimited tenancy residence inhabits a 3,100 sq ft land which is designated “residential, 2 floors semi-detached” mentioned in the 2K19 Master Plan.

The house is situated in a premium non commercial enclave nearby the Orchard Rd shopping belt including the coming future Orchard Boulevard Train station.

KF took note that the nearby area holds “predominantly residence in characteristic, making up landed real estate in addition to exclusive condominium and house progressions”.

Provided the site’s area, the home is assumed to gain intense attraction, pointed out Ian Loh, Head of Capital Markets for Land & Building, Collective & Strata Sales, KF Singapore.

“KF still see pretty intense attention for exclusive residences along with landed homes, specifically houses in favored neighborhoods. Landed homes in nearby location of Orchard Rd happen to be pretty barely available, hence KF count on the house to entice high enthusiasm,” he shared.

The tender for 61 Jalan Kelawar terminates on 22 December.

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